Authorization to Release Information
This form gives your authorization to the MU Student Loan Repayment Center to discuss your loan account with a third party (parent, spouse, etc.) and/or to discuss via a specific e-mail account.
Student Deferment - Perkins Loans
Student Deferment - University Loans
To qualify for student deferment, you must be enrolled at least half-time as a degree-seeking student at an eligible school. Your school's registrar must certify the form and/or provide an enrollment certification letter.
Economic Hardship Deferment - Perkins Loans
Economic Hardship Deferment - University Loans
To qualify for Economic Hardship Deferment, you must meet qualifications regarding income and/or student loan debt. If eligible, your principal and interest payments will be deferred.
Forbearance - Perkins Loans (for financial reasons)
Forbearance - Perkins (for disability, Americorps, bankruptcy, or U.S. military service)
Forbearance - University Loans
Forbearance defers your principal payments, however interest continues to accrue. On University Loans, you must pay the interest each month. Please fill out the form and provide all necessary documentation.